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The Product

Qualtrics Social Connect

The Qualtrics Connect team builds a customer care product for social media & messaging. The customer service departments of T-Mobile, KitchenAid, Lufthansa, Telenet and similar B2C companies use our software to be able to respond to the incoming feedback via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, a.o. We build a SaaS platform to make customer care agents’ lives easier by offering a real-time Inbox.

The Inbox enables to work in a team, has automation functionality & chatbot features, does smart routing of messages and allows companies to measure the quality of their support.

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XM Discover

CX Analytics is the backbone of the world’s most complex Customer Experience Management Programs, providing the industry’s most accurate Natural Language Processing (NLP), sentiment and data categorization, making issues transparent—and next steps clear.

We enrich feedback with behavioral and demographic data from other business systems so you can slice and dice to really understand various customer segments.

The Company

Qualtrics Social Connect is one of the products of Qualtrics. We focus on all types of customer feedback, including contact center voice transcripts, surveys or company specific data, and offer world-class text analytics to analyze the incoming feedback and visualize it in an advanced dashboard tool.

With our patended text analytics companies like eBay, Whirlpool and Unilever are able to identify where in the customer journey customers struggle the most by identifying sentiment, effort score and which parameters drive customer happiness.

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The Qualtrics Social Connect Engineering Teams

Qualtrics Social Connect Team

The Qualtrics Social Connect engineering team is a diverse combination of full stack (or dedicated front-end and back-end) developers, a team of system engineers and dedicated design & product people.

Our main back-end programming language is PHP (but we use some Go, Clojure and Node as well). On the front-end we work in React. Our data cluster is mainly driven by Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ. Meanwhile the system engineers automate as much as possible through Saltstack.

Most of us work from our Ghent office, and our challenges include making the data capture infrastructure lightning fast, and handling over 200 messages per second.

Data Science & NLP Team

Our team of data scientists and natural language processing specialists work on new ways to uncover the insights hidden in unstructured feedback data by building NLP tools using the newest techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This team is responsible for developing and innovating on NLP, NLU, NLQ and NLG features including our sentiment, emotion and effort detection, intent detection, unsupervised topic detection, call reason detection and much more. The tools they use include Java, Python, Clojure, TensorFlow, among others.

Design & Product

Our team of UX & UI designers makes sure each product looks and runs optimally, but also that our suite of products has a consistent look and feel. Each of the products also has one or more product managers that help in coordinating feature requests and future developments.

Other Engineering Teams

For our other product we use technologies like Java, Kubernetes and Angular. Our advanced analytics product, survey solution and our Voice-To-Text Contact Center solution are also supported by the operations team. You can join technical teams in Belgium, Washington or San Francisco.