Returns mentions from the inbox (for a certain filter).

Required Access Token Scope



Param Description Required Default Value
filter A filter query string. No
date_from ISO 8601 formatted date, defaults to 28 days ago. No
date_to ISO 8601 formatted date, defaults to now. No
topic_ids Comma separated list of topic ids to search in. If empty: default inbox selection for user. No
page_token Paging parameter. (The amount of mentions you can page back is limited to a total of 10000 mentions. Adjust `date_from` & `date_to` to be able to get messages outside that limit.) No
limit Amount of mentions to return (default 20, min 0, max 100). No
(int) 20
sort How to sort the mentions. The value of the sort parameter should be one of the following: dateadd:desc, dateadd:asc, followers:desc, timestamps.action_reply_first:desc, timestamps.action_reply_first_in_bh:desc, timestamps.action_status_last:desc, timestamps.action_last_date:desc, timestamps.action_last_date:asc No


paged_list of mention items.


Fetch mentions with a certain tag

Sort mentions with the sorting parameter

Fetching cases