Returns a list of canned responses.

Required Access Token Scope


GET Parameters

Param Description Required Default Value
topic_id The topic ID of the mention No
ymid The YMID of the mention No
query Search for specific words in the canned responses No
folder_ids A JSON encoded array of the ids of the folders you want to filter on No
page_token The paging parameter No
limit Amount of canned responses to return (Allowed: 1 to 100) No
(int) 20
order The sorting order (Alphabetically A-Z: sort_alpha_asc, Alphabetically Z-A: sort_alpha_desc, TYPE A-Z: sort_type_asc, TYPE Z-A: sort_type_desc, Least Frequently Used: sort_used_count_asc, Most Frequently Used: sort_used_count_desc, Most Recently Created: sort_most_recently_created, Least Recently Created: sort_least_recently_created, Most Recently Updated: sort_most_recently_updated) No
reply_type The reply type (post, privatemessage, comment, ...) No
service_type The type of the service (This parameter is needed for [] and [profile.url]) No
service_id The ID of the service (This parameter is needed for [] and [profile.url]) No


paged_list of canned_response items.


Get all the canned responses of the account

Get the canned responses for a specific mention of the account

Get the canned responses by using query